All photography provided by McCormick Biological Employees

Following 14 years of valuable work experience in various capacities of the biological field, Randi McCormick founded McCormick Biological, Inc.  Upon the firm's establishment in January 2001 and among clients today, MBI is known for: efficient consulting services while maintaining high-quality products; cultivating long-term, respected and professional relationships with clients; and keeping current with industry practices and regulations.


Our Mission

MBI has been providing quality consulting services to the lower elevations of Central California's Southern Coast Ranges, San Joaquin Valley, Sierra Nevada, and Transverse Ranges for over a decade. MBI staff provides a broad range of biological expertise with staff having species-specific as well as a breadth of experience in biological resource evaluation. MBI focuses on finding logical solutions to environmental issues.

We take the passion our employees have for natural resources, and apply that energy to the real-world issues affecting our clients.
— Randi McCormick, President of McCormick Biological, Inc.


  • Biological Resource Surveys
  • Special-status Wildlife Evaluations
  • Flora
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Resource Management
  • Permit Preparation
  • Biological Monitoring
  • Biological Resource Education Programs
  • Regulatory Agency Coordination
  • Emergency Response
  • Habitat Management
  • Habitat Disturbance Tracking