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Following 14 years of valuable work experience in various capacities of the biological field, Randi McCormick founded McCormick Biological, Inc.  Upon the firm's establishment in January 2001 and among clients today, MBI is known for: efficient consulting services while maintaining high-quality products; cultivating long-term, respected and professional relationships with clients; and keeping current with industry practices and regulations.


Mission Statement

To provide high value customer service experiences to our clients with applicable, reliable, and timely solutions customized to their project - and as much certainty as possible while acknowledging the unpredictable nature of regulation and biology.

We want to be our client's guiding source for accomplishing their goals - reaching and celebrating our own collective and individual achievements in the process - and believe that a thorough understanding of the law, biology and our customers' processes enables us to provide that value. Therefore, it is essential to recruit, retain, and invest in the professional development of knowledgeable people who work smart and are personable, dependable, dedicated, and willing to teach, learn, and give encouragement to others. Returning clients, and employees that enjoy working with them, is our team's gauge of success. 


We are a group of consulting professionals skilled in a diverse range of competencies, valued by each other and our community.

MBI is implementing a strategy modeled by truth and fairness that promotes steady and calculated business growth opportunities; provides team members with effective and rewarding career paths; and maintains our reputation for consistently superior standards that gives our community confidence when referring our services to others.


Customer service and integrity are the company's top priorities along with a focus on performing our work safely. We understand that meeting our customers' needs and providing genuine value are the reasons for our success to date. Our service-based culture is built on three major initiatives:

  • Quality: We hire exceptional people and support their professional development
  • Reliability: We strive to build consistency and confidence
  • Value: We offer competitive pricing and meaningful services

Our most important asset is our staff of experienced professionals and their commitment to these three principles:

  • Keeping our employees and contractors safe: At MBI, safety is a value. This means that all of our work will be done safely or not at all.
  • Building long-term customer relationships: many of our customers have been with us since our establishment. Our customer retention strategy begins with a strong commitment to our employees, providing them with the best tools to get the job done right.
  • Providing cost-effective logical solutions to the customer: we focus on efficiency and what it takes to make our customers successful within the requirements of the applicable regulations.

We take the passion our employees have for natural resources, and apply that energy to the real-world issues affecting our clients.
— Randi McCormick, President of McCormick Biological, Inc.


  • Biological Resource Surveys
  • Special-status Wildlife Evaluations
  • Flora
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Resource Management
  • Permit Preparation
  • Biological Monitoring
  • Biological Resource Education Programs
  • Regulatory Agency Coordination
  • Emergency Response
  • Habitat Management
  • Habitat Disturbance Tracking